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How to Create Simple WordPress Product Catalog

Some small businesses will just prefer to have a simple product catalog to show their products list rather than going with a complete e-commerce solution with payment and shopping cart feature.

In this tutorial, I will show you an easy way how you can add a simple product catalog with a simple online order form on your website.

wordpress product catalog with form

Step #1 Installing the Product Catalog Plugin

We are going to use a plugin called eCommerce Product Catalog by impleCode. You can search for it using add new plugin option in your admin dashboard.

Activate the plugin once it is done installing. You should now see a new ‘Products’ menu on your dashboard menu. If not, try to refresh the page.

Step #2 Preparing the Plugin

Firstly, what we need to do is to create a category for our product list. Hover on the ‘Product’ menu and select ‘Product Categories’. Type in your category name and click ‘Add new product category’ button.

adding new wordpress product category

This should add a new category on the right table list. Next, let us add our product.

Step #3 Adding your Product

To add a product, just go to ‘Add New Product’ under ‘Product’ and Type your product name, description, and product image. Don’t forget to select the category for the product.

adding new wordpress product

For this tutorial, I’ve added an ID for the product, this will be used for our online order form on the next tutorial. Add more several products and we are good to go.

Step #4 Setting up and Designing the Catalog

You can change some of the catalog design by going to the ‘Product’s Setting’ page. Select the ‘Catalog Design’ tab and change it as you desire.

product catalog design

Once done, click on the ‘General Settings’ tab and uncheck the ‘Enable Product Listing Page’ option.

disable default product page

Step #5 Adding the Shortcode

Next, go back to the ‘Product Categories’ setup page and copy the shortcode. Create a new page for your website, name it as ‘Products’ and add your shortcode there.

adding word press shortcode

Now go to that page and you will see your product catalog. If you click on one of the product, you will see it details page. You can also add more CSS styling to make it look professional.

product catalog design

On the next tutorial, I will be showing you how to create an email order form for the product.

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