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New Life as an Indie Game Developer #2

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How hard is it to be an indie game developer? Well, it depends whether you are single or married with kids. For me, it can be both fun and frustrating. Usually at home, I will start my work at late night and spent max 2 hours each day and every so often at my office whenever I’m free. The programming part does give me the nerve sometimes.

Is programming needed for game design?

When I decide to become an indie game developer, I thought I can create a game without any programmng needed. So I tried to search for an engine the match my purpose. I found Game Maker Studio and tested out the trial version. After a week, I soon realize that this is not what I want. The drag and drop feature is limited, the flexibility, UI, ease of use feels a bit clunky and the mobile plan is very expensive

If that’s the case then I’m better off learning a programming language. So I start searching for other engines. I’ve found a large number of them such as Crytek, Unreal, but that’s mostly used for developing AAA games. My target is just a simple maybe 2D platform or puzzle game for startups.

Then I found Unity. I’ve tested it for a couple of days following lots of basic tutorials from Youtube. In my first day, I’ve managed to generate terrain, sky with a building and created a first person control where my player can explore the scene. I was so impressed how easy it was. So I decided to go with Unity as my developing tool and learn more deeply about the engine.

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After all the hardship of following lots of tutorials, I soon realize that I need to learn either javascript or c# programming in order to create a game that has the feature that I want. I will tell you more in that on my next post.

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