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New Life as an Indie Game Developer #1

castaway pirate

Huebicle Games were established several years back starting me, as the sole developer and the founder. I work as a multimedia design in one of the company in Malaysia and also a freelance website developer as part timer. Before starting as an indie game developer, I have created several games using RPG Maker as a hobby but never had the chance to publish them.

How I started to become an indie developer

As the country economic suffers, I soon realise that I need to make more income to support my family. I’ve tried doing lots of things such as Forex trading, ads focused blogging that has proven worked for some people but never really worked for me maybe because my lack of passion.

I soon recall how much I love creating things and the passion I have when I was developing games using RPG Maker. I’m also a hardcore gamer in the old days and still play games whenever I’m free. Here is when I decide to become an indie game developer. I can tell you that it has not been easy for the past 3 months learning and creating my first game but passion keeps me going.

Where am I now

I have finally published my first endless runner game, Castaway Pirate on 30 March 2017. It’s not perfect but it’s satisfied me for a startups and to introduce my existence to the gaming world. I still have plenty to learn. I will write some more in coming future and tell you how I start to develop Castaway Pirate starting from zero knowledge on c# programming and all the fun and hardship that I have to overcome. Stay tuned for my next post!

Download Castaway Pirate Endless Runner now on Google Play Store

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